Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going Offline to Online

As much as I dislike direct selling programs, sometimes they do have their advantages. I mean there are so many here in Malaysia and only currently in Singapore that you can't help but be exposed to them and get a little bit influenced with the products that they carry.

I've been a member of a program in Malaysia for the longest time and I've always loved their products. Although I don't push their products to friends or relatives or try and recruit everyone under the sun, I must admit their products really works for me and whoever who uses them. For example a friend of mine is always complaining how she has to soak and re-soak her son's school uniform for a long time before the stains around the collar as well as other stains that her son picked up along the way will go off. There's only so much a friend can endure, so I recommended her something I was using. Till now she swears by the product. She is now a my downline and an active one as well :-)

This brings me to the business aspect of direct selling program. Many of these programs are all offline, which means it is only available to the local market since the stockist are all locally based as well. I am thinking of "expanding" my own business by perhaps selling the products online so that it will now not only be available here but also for everyone else around the world. I could purchase an ecommerce software complete with shopping cart and see how the demand is. I don't want to spend unnecessary money first so I can probably try the software from AShop Commerce that offer a 10 days trial complete with free store design and evaluate from there.

Wish me luck :-)

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