Sunday, September 2, 2007

Share Uploaded Files and Earn

I was just introduced to this wonderful program that literally pays me to share. I have plenty of files that I want to share with friends, relatives and even strangers. Files like wallpapers, e-books and even celebrities pictures. I can now upload this files here and provide a link to whoever I want to share the files with. They can then download the files at their leisure. The best news here is I get PAID for each download and upload.

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And now for the highlights of this wonderful program are as below:

Easy-share.com gives you a chance to earn money without extra effort. Get paid for uploading and sharing useful files. We will pay you 10 dollar per 10000 downloads.
  1. When someone downloads your file, we'll pay you for these downloads.
  2. When someone downloads any file from your site - more revenue for you.
  3. When someone uploads a file via your personalized upload toolbar, you'll earn money with these files.
  4. When you refer a new registered user to Easy-share.com, you'll get 10% of his earnings.
  5. Payout is at $10 and available via Paypal, ePassporte and a few others payment processor

** September Special**
Easy-Share doubles uploaders rewards in September! We will pay $20 per 10000 downloads!
DOUBLE rates are valid from September 1, 2007 through October 1, 2007

Join me won't you..

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