Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malaysian can now withdraw from Paypal

Yes! You read right. And I say it again, Malaysian can now withdraw from Paypal.

I was just over at Sweet Surrender and found out the news. This must be very exciting for a lot of Malaysian I'm sure.

It is all made possible if you have either a credit card a debit card with the "Visa" logo on it. The process is so easy, just click on "withdraw funds". You will then see this screen.

Next you would need to click on "Transfer funds to your card" and you will see this screen

Enter all the relevant information and you are set. Please bear in mind that there is a charge of USD5 per transaction and it would take between 5-7 days processing period. In my opinion, the fee is reasonable when you think about the endless possibility to earn online and that most reputable sites such as payperpost and even mylot prefer to pay their members by paypal.

So three cheers to Paypal and to the Malaysian blogger or otherwise... you can now have more ching ching power :-)

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  1. Howdy Lady Java? Really nice blog u have here. And about Paypal, i think many Malaysians having a big grin now, including me :D

    About that report, i'm really sorry, ambe x berapa berahi la report2 ni hehe

    Neway, i'll link to this blog on my earthworld blog.

    About MyLot, yeaa long time not active there, not much time actually, been busy with blogs only :D

    K my fren, c ya later, have a nice days ahead, all da best


  2. Ye..mmg betul forumer..ramai yg sengeh nampak gigi tu...hehehe

    Alhamdullilah... boleh gak bawa kluar duit yg banyak tu ye... bolehlah enjoy lagi raya ni :-)..

    And thanks for the linkylove :-)

    Warm regards


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