Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malaysian can now withdraw from Paypal

Yes! You read right. And I say it again, Malaysian can now withdraw from Paypal.

I was just over at Sweet Surrender and found out the news. This must be very exciting for a lot of Malaysian I'm sure.

It is all made possible if you have either a credit card a debit card with the "Visa" logo on it. The process is so easy, just click on "withdraw funds". You will then see this screen.

Next you would need to click on "Transfer funds to your card" and you will see this screen

Enter all the relevant information and you are set. Please bear in mind that there is a charge of USD5 per transaction and it would take between 5-7 days processing period. In my opinion, the fee is reasonable when you think about the endless possibility to earn online and that most reputable sites such as payperpost and even mylot prefer to pay their members by paypal.

So three cheers to Paypal and to the Malaysian blogger or otherwise... you can now have more ching ching power :-)

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Best Posts SEO Meme

Mariuca just tagged me on this wonderful new meme. Let's see if this SEO theory works :-)

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to make money blogging - Pt 1

When I was back home in Singapore earlier this month, I met up with a few friends of mine who was sick of working and would really like to be stay-at-home moms. The problem is, since they have always been financially independent, the idea of staying home and needing to "ask" for money from their hubby seems so daunting that they totally scrapped off the whole idea.

That was until I told them about what I have been doing online. BLOGGING! And yes, making money from it too!

So my Chicken Noodle Club girlies, this post is for you....step by step

  1. Set up a paypal account. You need this to be paid. I've highlighted the difference between a personal and a premier account here and ways to withdraw the funds to your bank account here
  2. Next, you need a blog. The simplest place to start a blog would probably be with Blogger. You just need a gmail email account and you are all set. Instructions are very very easy to follow and you should have your blog ready in less than 5 minutes. Of course, customising your blog is whole different story ok. I am, till now, still tweaking my template...heheh. But, don't let that stop you, the basic template that "blogger" offer is good enough to get you going. Choose a topic that you want to write about or make it an online journal where you record daily activities. Some bloggers blog about their children, their hobbies or their even their pets, like moi
  3. Following that, all you need to do is start blogging about the topic you have chosen.
  4. I would wait for probably a month of blogging and about ten blog entries before attempting to register for any "paid to blog" programs
Since I know all of you are busy, I'll make this the end of part 1. Come back soon for part 2

Cheers :-)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Referral Solutions

I just found another easier way to find referral for my "Get Paid To (GPT)" programs. This referral builder really compliments my other referral builder "Marketing Pond" as well.

Aptly called "Powerline Refer Club", it supports popular programs like Adbux and Clixsense.

Twice the power people..


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Missed out Again!

I am beginning to really hate Streamyx. I missed out on a $50 and $500 opportunities today on Payperpost simply because it took too long for Streamyx to refresh after entering the Captcha code. Arghhhh...

Hubby is saying to be patient but it's easier said then done. I'm sure fellow Malaysians would agree, Streamyx does not need more customers. It needs to retain existing customers because the moment there is something new available, bye bye birdie.

But for now, I'll go on ranting and pulling my hair in the process...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love the light

I was at a friend's house last week and she had this beautiful Conservatory added to her house. I just love the light in there. It was very well done and so cozy to sit in that before we realize it, it was time to go home.

So I went back home and researched the concept. I came across Anglianhome.co.uk while surfing for Home improvements and found that there are so many styles and design to choose from. Simply beautiful.

The company also carries a variety of other home improvement needs like uPVC windows and doors, roof trims to kitchen. All Anglian home improvements comes with 10years warranty with price to match your exact requirement.

I would really love to have a conservatory as well as it not only adds space and beauty to the house, it will also add value to the property ;-)

This is a sponsored post

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Been a lazy lady

I've been a very lazy lady these past few weeks. Lazy clicking on my paid to clicks and paid to read emails that is. Currently I have 6000 emails from GotSafeList (luckily they don't expire) and I'm sure I've missed out on some great value ads from Clixsense. Even my daily earnings from Clixncash has suffered.

All this because I've been busy with my blogs, either tweaking here and there, or rambling about random stuff, my catlove blog is up again and there is my brand new women blog aptly named "Being woman".

So you see... sometimes lazy is good...hehehe

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Share Uploaded Files and Earn

I was just introduced to this wonderful program that literally pays me to share. I have plenty of files that I want to share with friends, relatives and even strangers. Files like wallpapers, e-books and even celebrities pictures. I can now upload this files here and provide a link to whoever I want to share the files with. They can then download the files at their leisure. The best news here is I get PAID for each download and upload.

Before I give more details of this program, I just want to highlight that some of the webhosting reviews of different hosting companies provide the most updated information regarding all plans and packages which is very helpful to have a critical view and comparison of web hosting and wireless internet providers. The most advanced search engine optimizing tools are used for the up-gradation of page rank of website and massive traffic of visitors. There are some hosting providers which are offering cheapest domain name registration along with other hosting plans. The best web hosting plans are offered by the most reliable and reputable hosts whose hosting services are expensive rather than other web hosting services. Bear that in mind won't you.

And now for the highlights of this wonderful program are as below:

Easy-share.com gives you a chance to earn money without extra effort. Get paid for uploading and sharing useful files. We will pay you 10 dollar per 10000 downloads.
  1. When someone downloads your file, we'll pay you for these downloads.
  2. When someone downloads any file from your site - more revenue for you.
  3. When someone uploads a file via your personalized upload toolbar, you'll earn money with these files.
  4. When you refer a new registered user to Easy-share.com, you'll get 10% of his earnings.
  5. Payout is at $10 and available via Paypal, ePassporte and a few others payment processor

** September Special**
Easy-Share doubles uploaders rewards in September! We will pay $20 per 10000 downloads!
DOUBLE rates are valid from September 1, 2007 through October 1, 2007

Join me won't you..

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