Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Made in Singapore Program - EmailCashPro

Fellow Singaporeans, lend me your ears.. oh better yet, lend me your fingers..here's a Singapore Paid to Read program that has been online and paying members since July 2006. It's called EmailCashPro and payout are either by check straight to your letterbox or paypal which you can use to buy stuff online at ebay for example or withdraw straight to your bank account ( you can sign up for paypal here) at $10.00.

As in other paid to read programs, once you sign up, you choose which ads you want to receive and click on those when they arrive in your email. Once you click the link and wait out the necessary 20seconds, you'll get awarded points which is then converted to cash$ at the end of the month.

Easy right!.. or like we say..."aiyah.. chicken feed"

Psst.. the program is now open to international members as well...

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