Monday, August 13, 2007

Google Pagerank - What's mine??

Back when my blog url was www.gdmoney.blogspot.com, my pagerank was three. I was quite proud of it as I just started blogging and to be able to get that number meant I must have linked to some important blogs. I got approved at PayPerPost and because of that pagerank, I was able to get lots of opportunities that I can choose from. Then, as I earned online, I thought, hmm, a nice own domain name would be nice so I bought one and hence the change to www.cashnsense.com. I redirected my old domain name to the new one and the move was seamless enough.

I was happy.

Then suddenly my page rank got affected from three to "no" rank!. Arghhghg! That was one area I forgot to explore. I forgot to find out what implication the change of blog url address might affect my rankings. Well, water under the bridge, I guess.

So now, I am working on the next page ranking which is forecast to be in the near future by experts in the field. In preparation, I have linked to some high profile blogs and website and hope that would greatly improve my ranking from no rank to three or maybe even higher, (one can hope). One of them is called Back Link Site which has a PR3 rank.

Here's to the next page rank. Are you prepared?

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  1. no matter how good is your blog's page rank,it's won't help your blog's revenue increasing.i saw many websites or blogs that have high traffic and page rank,but they are still failed in adsense.in fact,no matter how many visitors your blog has gain a day,if there is not much "clicking on ads",all traffic and page rank figure are just nothing.


    keel wong

  2. keel,

    i agree that a good page rank might not increase revenue in adsense terms but I am targeting for more opportunities in my paid to blog programs.


    don't know what you say..mind translating??



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