Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get your own Table of Content

I always fancy having an archive page, you know like those bloggers using wordpress have.. but unfortunately, I'm using a blogger template and the the archive list that they have are very, very limited. It just sits there at the corner with very few options.

Then as I was surfing around, I found Beautiful Beta, and there it is, an alternative to an archive page. Now I can have a Table of Content at my blog.. Super Cool. Hans, the owner, laid it out so beautifully. The instructions are so simple to follow that I had it up and running in my blog within minutes. I just have to tweak the font size to match my blog and instead of it sitting on my side bar, I've put it up there with the rest of my menu, and abracadraba.. there it is!

Thanks so much Hans. You've made my day ;-)

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