Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wow! I won a Million Bucks!

Wow!! I won a Million Bucks! ... hehehe ..... not really.. Lolz!!

Recently I was back in Singapore and I chance about this game show called "Deal or No Deal". The trailer the channel show was really interesting so I decided to watch it. WOW!! I loved it. It's basically a game of luck and chance. You are given like 26 suitcases to choose from and in it could contain any amount ranging from $1 to $75,000. You are then asked to choose three of the other suitcases to see what they contain. As the show progressed and as you open more suitcases to see what they contained and the amount strike off from the board, the "banker" would offer you a certain amount of money to buy back your suitcase. The amount offered would depend on what amount the other suitcase has revealed. It is a really a luck kind of game.

If you want to give it a whirl just to feel the excitement, here's the online version. No money to be earned here but it's all fun just the same. Good Luck and have fun ;-)

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