Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I made $50 today!

Yeayyy!! I made payout today for the only safelist that pays you Cash! Actually I made payout twice already by converting my credits to cash.. Today's payout (USD$50.00) is from my cash account. Basically with Gotsafelist, with each email that you receive you will either get cash (ching ching) into your cash account, credits (that you can convert to cash or ads - payout at $5) or banner credits. So, if you want to join me.. just follow the banner :-)

GOT Safelist - FREE Advertising that Pays!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Uniquely Singapore!

I totally forgot about this forum that I've joined last month. It is exclusively for Singaporean and guess what, it is a paid forum! So fellow Singaporean, come and join me, payments are made directly to your bank account in Singapore. Payout is at S$10.

You know you living in an IT world when...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Engagement of Ning Baizura and Omar Shariff

Ahh.. this is new...lolz..

The engagement of Ning Baizura and Omar Shariff Layton Dayton on 19 July 2007.

Sarah's Engagement to Mohd Harith (Photograph)

For those of you who missed out on the engagement photographs of our local Malaysia singer, Siti Sarah and her fiance Mohd Harith Fuad Robinson on 27-01-2007, here it is.. (better late than never lahh)

Just click on the photos to see more from the album. Enjoy :-)

Photo by "The Star- TK Lim"

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get your own Table of Content

I always fancy having an archive page, you know like those bloggers using wordpress have.. but unfortunately, I'm using a blogger template and the the archive list that they have are very, very limited. It just sits there at the corner with very few options.

Then as I was surfing around, I found Beautiful Beta, and there it is, an alternative to an archive page. Now I can have a Table of Content at my blog.. Super Cool. Hans, the owner, laid it out so beautifully. The instructions are so simple to follow that I had it up and running in my blog within minutes. I just have to tweak the font size to match my blog and instead of it sitting on my side bar, I've put it up there with the rest of my menu, and abracadraba.. there it is!

Thanks so much Hans. You've made my day ;-)

Consolidate Your Student Low for Cheaper Repayment!

Education is never cheap. All parents know that and as such prepare for as much as they can when their kids are growing up. Sometimes however, those savings are never enough or they get used up for other purposes along the way. Private Student Loans then play a big major part.

Repayment is another story although. What you can do to lower your student loan by up to half is by applying for the Student Loan Consolidation. program.

Student Loan Consolidation will lower your monthly payments by 60% putting more cash in your wallet for other important things in life. All federal loans are bundled into one with rates as low at 4.5%.

As parents we want the best for our kids so prepare early for all their education needs. Cheers!

Monday, July 23, 2007

What's in Orlando? - Disney Land!

My best friend is bringing her kids to Orlando - for what else but Disney Land (lucky brats! - lol). So we did some research together to find out out about accommodations and other activities she and her family can do while they are there.

We also find out some fun facts about Orlando like, did you know that the official nickname of the city of Orlando is "The City Beautiful," although it is also known as the "O-Town" (like the boyband) and before Disney, you can easily see cattle grazing along the expressway because of the considerable amount of cattle ranching in Central Florida. More fun facts are like:

  • According to Carlson Wagonlit Travel's 2006 Travel Trends Survey, Orlando is the second most popular domestic travel destination in the country (Las Vegas placed first).
  • Out of the estimated 50 million tourists who visit Orlando each year, over 2 million are international visitors, with the majority of foreign tourists coming from the United Kingdom.
  • There are now 20,000 to 25,000 rental properties in Central Florida, mostly located near the theme parks.
  • The official nickname of the city of Orlando is “The City Beautiful,” although it is also known as “O-Town.”
  • Ever wonder why there are so many Olive Gardens and Red Lobsters in town? Orlando is the corporate headquarters of Darden Restaurants, which also runs the Bahama Breeze, Smokey Bones, and Seasons 52 restaurants.
  • Even though few people outside of Florida knew where Orlando was before Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the city of Orlando had been around for more than century before that; it was incorporated in 1875.
  • Orlando is the county seat of Orange County, Florida, although the vast citrus groves for which the county was named no longer exist.
  • Before there was Disney, there was also a considerable amount of cattle ranching in Central Florida; you can still see cattle grazing along certain stretches of the 417 GreeneWay Expressway.
  • Although many of Orlando’s citizens (especially the most famous ones) are originally from somewhere else, there are a few celebrities who were born and raised in Orlando, including Wayne Brady and Delta Burke.
  • Beat generation icon Jack Kerouac lived in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando during the time his novel On the Road was published in 1957.

Oh well.. I hope she brings me back some Disney souvenirs.

This is a sponsored post by Orlando Hotels

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sites Worth Joining

As I surfed the web daily, I've come across numerous sites. Some are useful while others are a total waste of time. Here, I would like to recommend some useful site, in my opinion, that not only offers free membership but also useful information and tools along the way. Try it out and let me know what you think.


Ever wondered where to eat? Where to go for that special occasion? Ever wished that you knew if that new restaurant is worth trying?? Ever wanted to give fantastic review or even discourage people from eating at a specific restaurant??

Well now you can do all that. At Dine.com, you are the restaurant reviewer. Members look to you to recommendations and vice versa. Give it a try. It's worth the membership.


Trying to lost weight?? You are not alone. A lot of people are trying to lose weight. When you join this club, you can invite your friends and motivate each other. You can set a your goal and watch your progress daily by entering what you eat and watching that calories count. You also gain points by getting friends to join, entering your weight, what you eat and what exercise you carried out for the day. When you hit 50,000 points you get a reward of your choice.

Check it out. Membership is free and is open to international members.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A small but steady income from this site

If you are looking for a steady income from a Paid to Click site, why not try ClixnCash.com. It has a steady number of ads daily in the earning section both from paid to clicks and paid to read programs. The most wonderful thing about this program is it's low payout at a mere $0.05 and there is even an auto withdrawal feature - should you wish to - to either your e-gold or paypal account. Withdrawals currently are free for either transactions.

Other programs that can found on the site also include, Paid to promote ($0.20 CPM), Paid to Join ($0.10) , free traffic exchange and even a referral builder.

This site would not make you rich but it's money nonetheless - extra cash is always handy and it does add up eventually ;-)


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Golddownline Scam

I would think waiting for close to one month for an admin response from any program site could warrant that site as a scam site. Don't you agree? I am referring here to the program called Golddownline.com.

I have made payout, which is $25 for this site, over a month ago. When trying to request a payout I got the following screen shot. My question is where is the form? I wrote immediately to the admin and till now no response so I'm guessing those hours spent clicking on that $0.01 per click ads were all for naught. Sigh :(

Another one for the Scam List... Adios

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Chief of All Coupons Site

A friend of mine who is just as active as I am with online money making, just got a brand new Dell PC over at CouponChief.com. I must say she really got a sweet deal (discount of up to $350!). I, myself, am eyeing the Dell laptop with the discount coupon of $300!

The CouponChief.com has coupons for a variety of stores. Among my favorites are from Overstock.com that offers 8% off your order for new customers and since handbags shopping is a must for me, I love the eBags.com offer of 15% off on orders over $75.00.

If you looking to purchase anything online, I really suggest heading over to the CouponChief.com first. Who knows what fantastic coupons discounts you might get there :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fancy getting paid every weekend??

If you are looking for Paid to Click programs that payout at $0.01, why not give these programs a try? They pay out via E-gold every weekend.




Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wow! I won a Million Bucks!

Wow!! I won a Million Bucks! ... hehehe ..... not really.. Lolz!!

Recently I was back in Singapore and I chance about this game show called "Deal or No Deal". The trailer the channel show was really interesting so I decided to watch it. WOW!! I loved it. It's basically a game of luck and chance. You are given like 26 suitcases to choose from and in it could contain any amount ranging from $1 to $75,000. You are then asked to choose three of the other suitcases to see what they contain. As the show progressed and as you open more suitcases to see what they contained and the amount strike off from the board, the "banker" would offer you a certain amount of money to buy back your suitcase. The amount offered would depend on what amount the other suitcase has revealed. It is a really a luck kind of game.

If you want to give it a whirl just to feel the excitement, here's the online version. No money to be earned here but it's all fun just the same. Good Luck and have fun ;-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Amazing Ilusion

Check out this amazing optical illusion..

See the wheels moving?? Concentrate on the center of each wheel and it will stop moving... Super cool!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great (and funny) tips for the office employees

Personally I don't think they would work but what the heck.. have fun ;)

So, what do you think?? Lolzzz!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Eva and Tony are getting Married!

My favorite character (Gabby) on Desperate Housewives, star Eva Longoria married long time love, basketball star Tony Parker in a civil ceremony at a Paris city hall on 6 July 07, a day before a church wedding and lavish celebrations at a nearby 17th-century Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte.

I simply love....love wedding.. and what a nice date to be getting married on - 07/07/07.. Awesome :)..

Congrats to the happy couple and may your marriage last forever..

Friday, July 6, 2007

Complete solution for your e-commerce website

If I was considering to start an e-commerce site, I would probably consider using the services from Ashop Commerce. It offers a complete solution to merchants to immediately start their online business at very low monthly fee. With their award winning hosted shopping cart software you'll be able to accept credit card online (even paypal), customise the design, features and content of your very own online store within hours. They even have a "test drive demo store" so that you can have a feel of what they offer. They even have a "10 days free trial" with no obligation.

Another feature that I find that will be most useful is that they are even SEO friendly which translates more traffic which translates more business and equals more profit. Sweett!!

If e-commerce is something you are looking into as well, check Ashop Commerce out. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is a sponsored post.

Another lead on a new Paid to Click program

AdBuddy.net is a new Paid to Click program that I've just joined this evening. It pays $0.01 per click and you earn 100% from your referrals as well - much like Clixsense and Adbux. It has a payout of $10 via paypal and is open to international members. This is a fairly new opportunity so strike when the iron is hot money makers :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

AdesClrPicker - A great tool for Web Designers

AdesClrPicker v2.0 is a great color picker tool for any web designer and web developer. At it's economical price of only $9.90 who needs Photoshop for this purpose anymore. Besides being very small and fast loading, it is very easy to use and even allow you to capture colors anywhere on the screen with a single click of the mouse and output it in either HTML, RGB, C++, VB and Delphi color codes. It also has a draggable floating menu that displays the last 10 captured colors and stays on top of all other windows for your convenience.

Great and economical software I say. You can also visit AdesBlog.com for more great news and updates about web technologies and development.


A Great Tool for your Business

If you are promoting your business then you must check out MerchantCircle. They are an online directory of every business owner in the country. With their services, you can promote on the web in minutes, be more visible in search engine results, track what's being said about your business online and easily advertise on google and yahoo. You can even get local customer referrals.

It is "the" business tool of today. Business owners not only can claim their business page, they can even customize it with pictures, blogs, coupons, and newsletters.

The Merchant Circle Forum allows business owners to interact and communicate with each other allowing them to exchange ideas and customers, much like a social network, only it is done online. Need an innovative way to promote your business? Check out the forum and get great tips on it.

MerchantCircle - you and your business need to be a part of it.

Psst: The introduction of affiliate marketing programs has facilitated the small entrepreneurs to run their business profitably as affiliates. The webhosting plans of well-reputed companies encompass all essential features in accordance with the demands of the clients. The search engine manager employs all strategic tools of search engine marketing to boost up their revenue. The rates of internet phones are very cheap along with high speed and quality. There are a lot of directories of cheap hosts which offers the cheapest domain name registration to facilitate the webmaster. The internet marketing has gained popularity on the large scale, having accessibility to the extensive range of potential clients. There are different kinds of online templates to create website design easily.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I have my MyLot account Back.. YAHOO!!

For those of you that have been listening or rather reading my vent and rant.. well it is now officially over...lol.. I have managed to reinstate my account at myLot. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the admin of the program for their assistance. I would be grateful eternally as they made it so easy. I guess they got sick and tired of seeing me post repeatedly at the site with my new id..lol

Anyway.. mylot is the place to be to meet new friends ( I made some) and discuss ideas and thoughts.. I love it there.. Thank you mylot for enabling me to continue to my stay :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Opportunity for Malaysian

Hello there fellow Malaysians. Ever felt that you are left out in most of the money making opportunities out there due to restrictions beyond your control??

Well do I have a fantastic program for you. How would you be interested to be a reseller for Malaysia's number one broadband service "Streamyx" from TMnet and make RM5,340.00 with only one sale per day? Just follow the banner and find out more details there.

Good Luck.

Best regards

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