Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This way to Bux.to...

Another adbux clone is our midst people... it's called Bux.to and it's making it's presence known. Launched on 12th June, the program works exactly like adbux.org in that it offers $0.01 per click and 100% from what your referral click. If you have missed the adbux boat in being a pioneer there.. then this is the program to join. Bux.to also have a similar upgrade program where you can purchase 35 unreferred members for the price of $34.95 which I feel is pretty cheap. Assuming all these members are active you'll probably earn around $105.00 monthly!

As conservative as I am, I will stick with the the free version first and consider the upgrade later. Cashout is via Paypal at $10.00

Advertising here is also an attractive option as they offer 100views of 30seconds each for $3.40. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

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