Thursday, June 28, 2007

The importance of changing Password Regularly.

I have been taught a very, very bad lesson yesterday regarding internet security. I have always been one who is too lazy to change password simply because I thought logging out after each session from a website is sufficient.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

You would noticed from my previous post that my myLot account has been hijacked. The amount of money that is accumulated there is not much (although I have reached payout for next month). It is the idea of someone in my account, using my ID. I feel so violated, so robbed. I know some of you may say, "Get over it!! - Life goes on" but it is the lesson behind it that I want to impart to all my readers.

Internet security should never be taken lightly. They are so many ways hackers can get to your account and your pc - from viruses, trojan to keyloggers and automatic form filing. Also avoid joining "too good to be true websites" that offers for example $500 per click. Chances are they are scammers and they sell their databases together with your userid and passwords!

Ways to avoid being "hijacked"
  • Choose a good long password, preferably alpha-numeric
  • Have a few good ones committed to memory and rotate them every two weeks or once a month
  • Make sure these password are different. They should not be eg 123abc, 123def. etc. They shoud start different, have different middle and different end
  • Clean your PC often of viruses and other undesirable, unwanted elements

PS: I am not an expert in the topic but thought I just let you know what I know so far.. I am still so frustrated at myself.. and I hope none of you will encounter the same or any similar experiences.



  1. yes, i think changing password in every period is a good idea. but sometime i just too lazy to do that, so it doesn't work for me.

    now i have my own way to secure my password, it's by use my -original- password only on trustable sites. but on new sites i've never heard about their reputation before, i use a dummy password. by doing this, if later finally i have trusted the site, i can change the password into my originil password.

    but let see if people have their own other ways :)

  2. You know what.. i am doing that now. Yesterday, after I got locked out my account, I had to go thru all the sites that I can remember and change my password - call me paranoid.

    So I decided, just like you, that those sites that are new and have not paid me yet, I just use one of the easier passwords to remember and those trustworthy one, I use a more thought of password..lol.. I've learnt my lesson though and I will follow my hubby's suggestion to at least change it once a month...bumer..


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