Monday, June 11, 2007

I love PayPerPost.com

After a loonnggg wait - 90 days to be exact, my blog has finally be approved by PayPerPost.com (PPP) program. Yipeeee for me..lol...

For new bloggers, let me tell you this is the site you want to write for. The program has excellent reputation, a great paymaster and the opportunities for bloggers to write about whatever they fancy and get PAID for it, is endless. Basically PPP is an opportunity for advertisers to create buzz about their program and products in registered publishers blog (that's you - the blogger). It is a way for advertisers to advertise on blogs and you as host get paid for it! Nice eh?

Within the first few minutes after approval, I headed over to PPP and chose what I wanted to write for and submitted my entry for approval. I was really motivated at seeing Colleen's earning of USD$12,279.64! Wow!, the number of things I can do with that money. The new PDA phone I've dreamed of suddenly did not seem to be out of reach no more :-)

Thank you PayPerPost. I LOVE YOU!!

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