Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fummo.com - Another Scam

Ok..ok.. I'm big enough to admit that I'm wrong. A few members in the money making world have told me that this program is too good to be true, has too many uncertainties and simply not able to sustain.

When fummo launched late last month, it opened with a big offer at Hostgator.com. Basically you get hosting there for one month at a very discounted rate of $0.01 and in return you get $70 into your account after verification. I know some of you are already giving me that sheepish smile... hehehe... but you know... it was only $0.01!

Anyway.. me and a few others that signed up waited in anticipation for that $70 and days turned to weeks and eventually the discounted one month hosting was coming to an end. If I don't terminate my account by 22 June, Hostgator will charge me USD20+ .. So I terminated my account with Hostgator and still the money never got into my fummo account. Oh well.. I guess another one bites the dust.

The irony is Fummo is still operating and once in a while I will get a reminder that there is still $100 to be claimed when I complete another offer.. yeah.. what do you take me for... a sucker??? heheheh

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