Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blogging with Desi Baba

I must say I love hopping over to Desi Baba's blog. It always gives me great tips on blogging and how to monetize my own website.

One post that really caught my attention this time around was his tips on "Rules to consider when blogging for Payperpost". My own blog was recently approved by PPP and in my excitement I "forgot" to read the "fine lines". So while back in my hometown Singapore, I was dismayed to see that two of my post was rejected all because I had one sponsored post after another. Erkkkk!!!.. So what did I do?? I cheated. hehe..I rearranged my other post and whatdayya know.. it got approved.

Another post that really was useful to me was on adsense placement. After readying his reviews (although I can't seem to find the link now), I revamped my own blog, found the codes to put my ads in each post and now am on my way to earning there as well.

One should really consider visiting Desi's blog to get fantastic blogging tips. He covers topics such as :

How to write a quality post
How to Wrap Words around images in blog post
and my own personal favorite
Common mistake of blogging part 1 and 2 (although I am breaking the rules a bit here - sorry Desi or is it Sunny??..lol)

So now off to Blogging with Desi Baba's website for more interesting read :)


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for writing a great review of my site. I will definitely add your site in the next batch.

  2. You are very welcome. I am now subscribe to your feed as well so as not to miss any more great topics from you.. Keep blogging! Cheers :-)

  3. What a wonderful blog! Please visit my hot money-making blog.


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