Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to post payout proof??

I've been asked this questions countless times, so I figured it's so much easier to just post here for everyone :) and I always say, why post for free when you can still earn from it rite??

Here goes :-

- Get a screen capture of your payout proof. (it is always so beautiful to see this)
  1. You can use MS Paint or you can download this free software from the net
  2. Make sure you blank out sensitive info like your email address if you are using paypal
- Enrol in shareapic.net
  1. Upload your picture in shareapic. It would normally take 24 hours for the program to approve your gallery.

- Once your gallery is approve, log into your shareapic account :
  1. Click on "My Gallery"Scroll down and click on the gallery of your choice
  2. Click on Gallery LinkScroll down to "image code"Choose "Clickable thumbnails for your MySpace, eBay auction, website, etc"This code would give you a thumbnail image of the picture
  3. Copy and Paste this code to your blog
- Now, not only can visitors see your payout proof, you earn as well with every click!

- Happy Sharing!

1 comment:

  1. I love the way you show your earnings next to your promoted sites and will have to try that!

    Thanks for posting on my blog and linking to it on yours here.


Thank you for your comments and enjoy your stay :-)

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