Saturday, May 5, 2007

Enter the Lottery for Free!!

- How Net Lotto works -

The lottery pot: The Net lotto prize pot is generated directly from all advertising income from the site. Therefore, the only way that the pot will grow, will be for visitors like you, to frequent this online lottery site, and explore what it contains.

The lottery draw: The draw will take place as soon as Net-lotto.org receives income from their advertisers. After a draw is finished, every person who wins money will be notified through e-mail. The amount of lotto winners and prize money, will depend upon the pot size and the amount of contestants.

The lottery contestants: Each contestant will be allowed one(1) entry per day into the current lotto draw. Please enter the free lottery every day to ensure your best odds of winning free money. Contestants that win will be contacted via email if they have won.

A friend of a friend actually won the last time the program had its draw.. So Good Luck to all :)

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