Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Storm of Gold

Another good one to consider... I've just joined this program called StormOfGold where it only cost me $0.33 for a year membership.. Highlights of this program are as follows:

  • NO ADVERTISING REQUIRED! You DO NOT need to advertise your Storm Of Gold referral URL because your ID will be included in our Rotation system and displayed automatically to the people who will visit this site every day! You'll receive payments without even lifting a finger!

  • PROMOTE FOR MORE MONEY! You will be given your own referral URL should you wish to promote this site for more cash, you will be paid $0.11 instantly to your e-gold account for each new member you referred!

5 Ways To Get Paid:
  • Earn $0.11 instantly whenever you referred a new member.
  • Earn $0.11 random payments without referring.
  • Earn Random Cash Bonus for referring a new member.
  • Earn Random Profit Share for being a member.
  • Get paid randomly to post in our forum.

How's that for a GREAT program..

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