Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Payout from GotSafeList.com

Hello hello.... happy happy days... I got three payouts todays.... hehehe

1. GotSafelist.com - read all about it
2. Scienceofbeingrich (the referral bonus ended however)
3. Healthyptc

Keep it coming Mr Internet!!!

I participated in a discussion at mylot where someone actually wanted to know if anyone got paid from the Gotsafelist.. so since no one seemed to have been paid, I thought I put it to the test.

You can actually convert all those credits you have to $$ and you actually make payout at $5!.. So I stop advertising (means I stopped using my credits to advertise my programs) and started accumulating my credits. Once i reached $5, I requested for payout yesterday (in the nick of time as well since they process payout on Mondays).

And whatdaya know.. I got funds in paypal today.... SWEETTTT!!!

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