Friday, April 6, 2007

A Great URL "Shortener" that pays

A friend of mine, MsFit introduced me to this website and I think it is just fantastic. It makes all my url short.. and unlike some url "shortener" program that gives you no choice whatsover on the name of your finished url, this one lets you have that option so now instead of directing people to my website as www.gdmoney.blogspot.com.... i now direct them to http://nuurl.us/cashonline .

Isn't that cool? So short and sweet.. and you can have multiple url "shortener" as well :)

Another thing about this website is they actually track all of your "shortened" url for you.. I find that so great coz now I can monitor all my sites at one place..

AND.. this site pays too (minimum payout is $0.01)..... thanks msfit for introducing it to me :)

Oh before I forget, this is the link to join.. Cheers!

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