Sunday, April 29, 2007

Earn $1 every 2 days

I am soooo excited...where before I found a program that pays me $1 every 10 days.. now I just thought of a way to earn $1 every 2 days...

Firstly let me explain the programs that you need to signup to first:-

1. GotSafelist
As the name suggest, this is a safelist. So expect tonnes of emails in your mailbox. I suggest sending the mails to another email address instead of your primary one.

The difference between this safelist with the others is you actually get paid to be a member. I've been in many safelist before and this one really does the job the best. As a free member you get to blast the program that you are promoting to 25oo members daily. It also doubled up as a Paid To Read (PTR) email because with every email that you receive there would be a "hotlink" that you click on.

Three things might happened when you click this "hotlink". You might get banner credits, cash and credits that you can use to blast your ads to 2500 members daily or you can convert those to cash...Pick you poison :)... Also the email NEVER expire.. so you can take your time clicking on them.

Once you join, just click on the "Getting started" tab and that should explain everything. By the way you also get credits for just being active.

Payout is at $5.00 if you convert your points to cash and at $50 with your cash account, which I think is attainable in give or take 50 days.

2. Nuurl.us
The second program that you have to join is a url shortener. Don't worry, you need not use them if you don't want to. The thing that we use them for is the PaidtoPromote (PTP) program. They let you promote them anywhere.. even autosurf..

Once you join, you will be given a PTP link (or a specialized link), which is also your referral link.

3. URLCash
The final program that you have to be a member of, is called URLCash. I have written an entry of how you can use this program with your shareapic membership.

This is also a url shortener but it is a paying one. Once you are a member, you can convert all your links to paying links :)

This program also gives u $1 on signup. Payout is at $5 via paypal.

Now it's very easy actually...although it does need a bit of setting up

  • Take note of your referral link in nuurl.us
  • Sign into your urlcash.net
  • Convert your nuurl.us link to a paying one and copy it into your notepad. Make sure you choose "Landing page". This pays more.
  • Get into your Gotsafelist (GSL) program
  • Under the "Advertise Now" tab, set up your hotlink to the new url converted by URLCASH.net
  • Set up your "Post Safelist Ad" - also under "Advertise Now" tab.
  • Just write a simple email. This is the email that would be blasted to 2500 members daily. Through experience however, I noticed not many actually read the email, they just go straight to the "hotlink" at the bottom of the email. (in your case - if you set it up correctly, would be your Nuurl.us link that you have converted using URLcash)
  • Save it and send it
  • Do this every 24hrs
  • Make sure you click emails (Hotlink) sent by other members as well.. because you would need credits to send your own email out

Now you are set.. when members click on your email (hotlink), they are actually clicking on your nuurl.us link which pays you 0.0002 per click and your urlcash.net link which pays your $1 for every 3500 clicks..

There you have it... $1 every 2 days... cool eh...

Email me if you have any questions...

Thanks you and to our success :)

PSST: This is an example of a paid link with landing redirect. This would earn me $1 for every 3500 clicks


PSST PSST: If you like instead of promoting your nuurl link, you can also promote your galleries with urlcash instead... just make sure the link is with "landing redirect"

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