Sunday, April 29, 2007

Earn $1 every 2 days

I am soooo excited...where before I found a program that pays me $1 every 10 days.. now I just thought of a way to earn $1 every 2 days...

Firstly let me explain the programs that you need to signup to first:-

1. GotSafelist
As the name suggest, this is a safelist. So expect tonnes of emails in your mailbox. I suggest sending the mails to another email address instead of your primary one.

The difference between this safelist with the others is you actually get paid to be a member. I've been in many safelist before and this one really does the job the best. As a free member you get to blast the program that you are promoting to 25oo members daily. It also doubled up as a Paid To Read (PTR) email because with every email that you receive there would be a "hotlink" that you click on.

Three things might happened when you click this "hotlink". You might get banner credits, cash and credits that you can use to blast your ads to 2500 members daily or you can convert those to cash...Pick you poison :)... Also the email NEVER expire.. so you can take your time clicking on them.

Once you join, just click on the "Getting started" tab and that should explain everything. By the way you also get credits for just being active.

Payout is at $5.00 if you convert your points to cash and at $50 with your cash account, which I think is attainable in give or take 50 days.

2. Nuurl.us
The second program that you have to join is a url shortener. Don't worry, you need not use them if you don't want to. The thing that we use them for is the PaidtoPromote (PTP) program. They let you promote them anywhere.. even autosurf..

Once you join, you will be given a PTP link (or a specialized link), which is also your referral link.

3. URLCash
The final program that you have to be a member of, is called URLCash. I have written an entry of how you can use this program with your shareapic membership.

This is also a url shortener but it is a paying one. Once you are a member, you can convert all your links to paying links :)

This program also gives u $1 on signup. Payout is at $5 via paypal.

Now it's very easy actually...although it does need a bit of setting up

  • Take note of your referral link in nuurl.us
  • Sign into your urlcash.net
  • Convert your nuurl.us link to a paying one and copy it into your notepad. Make sure you choose "Landing page". This pays more.
  • Get into your Gotsafelist (GSL) program
  • Under the "Advertise Now" tab, set up your hotlink to the new url converted by URLCASH.net
  • Set up your "Post Safelist Ad" - also under "Advertise Now" tab.
  • Just write a simple email. This is the email that would be blasted to 2500 members daily. Through experience however, I noticed not many actually read the email, they just go straight to the "hotlink" at the bottom of the email. (in your case - if you set it up correctly, would be your Nuurl.us link that you have converted using URLcash)
  • Save it and send it
  • Do this every 24hrs
  • Make sure you click emails (Hotlink) sent by other members as well.. because you would need credits to send your own email out

Now you are set.. when members click on your email (hotlink), they are actually clicking on your nuurl.us link which pays you 0.0002 per click and your urlcash.net link which pays your $1 for every 3500 clicks..

There you have it... $1 every 2 days... cool eh...

Email me if you have any questions...

Thanks you and to our success :)

PSST: This is an example of a paid link with landing redirect. This would earn me $1 for every 3500 clicks


PSST PSST: If you like instead of promoting your nuurl link, you can also promote your galleries with urlcash instead... just make sure the link is with "landing redirect"

Earn $1 every 10 Days

Hi..just wanted to let you know that at this site call HYIP Navigator - a paid forum and paid manual surf - you can earn $1 every 10 days. That's because you manual surf 20 pages daily (max) at 5 pts each. Payout is at 1000points @ $0.001 each point.

Payout is by e-gold. Been paid there.. payout proof at http://u-q47qv5dp.urlcash.net

and the link to join is http://u-s47rk3kn.urlcash.net

Thanks and to our success:)

E-Gold Indicted

Digital Currency Business E-Gold Indicted for
Money Laundering and Illegal Money Transmitting

As of today accounts are NOT frozen but who knows if or when that will change. In light of these unfortunate turn of events many programs are starting to suspend all payments/purchases through e-gold.

Wonder what gonna be the outcome of this??

Check out the article here

Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 more PaidtoClick programs for you

Hello all..

Just wanted to let you know of two more PaidtoClick sites that I've joined today.

  • Begware

    • They pay up to 1 cent per click + 50% on Referrals
    • Payout is at $5.00 via paypal

  • LinkGrand

    • Earn a very generous $0.003 per link clicked.
    • Refer members and get an amazing 30% commission of their earnings
    • Refer advertisers and receive a 10% commission of their purchases
    • Plenty to click...
    • Payout is at $5.00 via paypal

  • Goldeen.info

    • Paidtoclick are either cash or points which can be converted to cash as well!
    • Payout is at $5.00 via egold
    • I'm trying to win the referral contest here... so join me ok :)

Happy Clicking!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Payout from GotSafeList.com

Hello hello.... happy happy days... I got three payouts todays.... hehehe

1. GotSafelist.com - read all about it
2. Scienceofbeingrich (the referral bonus ended however)
3. Healthyptc

Keep it coming Mr Internet!!!

I participated in a discussion at mylot where someone actually wanted to know if anyone got paid from the Gotsafelist.. so since no one seemed to have been paid, I thought I put it to the test.

You can actually convert all those credits you have to $$ and you actually make payout at $5!.. So I stop advertising (means I stopped using my credits to advertise my programs) and started accumulating my credits. Once i reached $5, I requested for payout yesterday (in the nick of time as well since they process payout on Mondays).

And whatdaya know.. I got funds in paypal today.... SWEETTTT!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

This Way to Profit....

This program is one of my favourite PaidToPromote (PTP) program. If you are an active forum poster or even just have an account at GlobalGoldTalk, Goldage.net, Webmastersroom.com and Betlik.com, you simply MUST join this program. Let me tell you why.... Because you can put your link at the signature block in those forum and earn $0.05 per click. There is also a whole list of other sites that they approve.

Payout is at $0.50 by Egold.

If you have a website, you can request to be included in the approved list and place their banner at your website too, like what i did here... if you click on my banner here, I get $0.02. Easy right!


Besides that they also have their own HYIP, Monitors, Autosurf and Games!
So let's do it folks :)

Earn Money 3 Ways with Shareapic Program

We all know how we can earn two ways from shareapic.net account. One is from direct clicks to the pictures you post and the second is from adsense. Here I will show you the third way to make money from it.

Just signup with urlcash.net
  • This site will change all your links to paying ones. So use it for all your referral links, your website and any websites that you frequent.
  • They pay via paypal once you reach $5.00
  • Frame redirect pays you $1 per 9500 clicks while Landing page pays you $1 per 3500 clicks
  • Signup bonus of $1

Once you signup, please follow the following procedure:
  • Go to "My Blog"
  • Pick a nice name for your picture galleries... I chose mine Randomness, simply because it's full of random images
  • Next go to "Create Links"
  • This is where you put your htlm codes for your pictures in Shareapic
    • sign into your shareapic account
    • go to "my galleries" and choose which galleries you want to feature
    • click on gallery link
    • copy the codes from "Clickable thumbnails for forums/boards"

Now go back to your urlcash.net website
    • Paste the code into the box that says "Paste your code"
    • In the "Create a gallery", put in the name of the Gallery Optional eg scenery
    • In the "Functionality", name the batch, eg sunset
    • Next to the "functionality" box, please click on "no nudity"
    • Click on "Batch Create Links"
    • And you are done

So now if you click on your blog from "My Blog", you should see the pictures there already. Keep adding pictures from your shareapic album.

There you have it.. a nice galleries you can publicise to your friends... and you earn as well from urlcash.net

3 ways to earn from shareapic.... ching ching away :)

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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I just found another PaidtoClick site that pays you $0.01 per click to view websites for 15seconds per visit. They also pay you $0.01 for each website your referrals visit. You can have an unlimited amount of referrals. Payouts at $5.00 by paypal.

One unique feature of this program is whenever you click and view a website, you can visit that website again in 2hours. This gives advertisers optimal exposure and it further increase the members earning potential.

This program has just launched so now is the time to join and start getting those referrals to earn for you as well.

To our success!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A New Payment Processor

There is a new payment processor just launched this month that is offering $10 for referrals. It's call e2epay . You can join for free and secure a top spot and get $100 free into your account. Crazy you say?? Well.. it is a crazy world....lol..

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Read My Damn Ads

LOL... don't be shock.. and I don't mean to be rude.. but that is the actual website name..heheheh

Anyway, it is another safelist that I've joined to promote my programs for free. This one works pretty much like GotSafeList but you have to visit the site for this one and you can pick the ads that you want to be delivered to your email!

How Much Will You Earn Per Paid Referral?

Free Members Earn $10/paid referral

PRO Members Earn $20/paid referral.

All Commissions will be paid to you within 72 hrs.

So in anyone is kind enough to join me here as a free member, perhaps I can post a payout proof in 72hours :)


Friday, April 6, 2007

A Great URL "Shortener" that pays

A friend of mine, MsFit introduced me to this website and I think it is just fantastic. It makes all my url short.. and unlike some url "shortener" program that gives you no choice whatsover on the name of your finished url, this one lets you have that option so now instead of directing people to my website as www.gdmoney.blogspot.com.... i now direct them to http://nuurl.us/cashonline .

Isn't that cool? So short and sweet.. and you can have multiple url "shortener" as well :)

Another thing about this website is they actually track all of your "shortened" url for you.. I find that so great coz now I can monitor all my sites at one place..

AND.. this site pays too (minimum payout is $0.01)..... thanks msfit for introducing it to me :)

Oh before I forget, this is the link to join.. Cheers!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another High Referral Bonus Fee Site

Ok.. I published an entry on my surprised payout earlier today.. and guess what.. I found another site that offers the same kinda of thing, I figured nothing to lose so I've joined as well..

The offer is $1 per referral.. but according to the site, it's a limited kind offer, so I'm not sure how long the offer will last.. so be quick about it ok..

Here's the link...

Best of luck to us all :)


I just received an email from the admin of the program that said:

"Just a quick note to let you know that we will not be paying out the $1 referral commission anymore for the "Science of Getting Rich Online" at the end of today."

So just keeping you in the loop.

Thanks :)

A Surprise Payout...

I must say this payout came as a complete surprise to me today as I was NOT expecting them to pay. The program - Articlekiller.com - promised a very high referral bonus of $1 per referral AND expect nothing from you. No need to purchase anything and in fact you are invited to download their ebook if you so choose.

I was skeptical at first but for the fun of it, my cousin sign up and thereafter two more sign up from a forum that I was active in. I completely forgotten all about it until i got an alert from paypal today with the payout... WOW!! I said!!

If you are interested to join.. bearing in mind they pay through paypal 30 days after the current commission month ends, please do so here. If you need to see my unexpected payout, here's the link.

Enjoy and have a beautiful Thursday :)

Just to let everyone know, this program is no longer running its referral program. Thank...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Is Ladyluck smiling on you???

Try your luck here....
5 games daily
Instant payout to your E-gold!!

Good Luck... :)

PS: I won twice $0.11...hehehe yeayyy for ME!!!

Storm of Gold

Another good one to consider... I've just joined this program called StormOfGold where it only cost me $0.33 for a year membership.. Highlights of this program are as follows:

  • NO ADVERTISING REQUIRED! You DO NOT need to advertise your Storm Of Gold referral URL because your ID will be included in our Rotation system and displayed automatically to the people who will visit this site every day! You'll receive payments without even lifting a finger!

  • PROMOTE FOR MORE MONEY! You will be given your own referral URL should you wish to promote this site for more cash, you will be paid $0.11 instantly to your e-gold account for each new member you referred!

5 Ways To Get Paid:
  • Earn $0.11 instantly whenever you referred a new member.
  • Earn $0.11 random payments without referring.
  • Earn Random Cash Bonus for referring a new member.
  • Earn Random Profit Share for being a member.
  • Get paid randomly to post in our forum.

How's that for a GREAT program..

Monday, April 2, 2007

$5 Referral Fee at Fummo.com

Note: This program is now a scam in my books. Thanks

Lost Money on the Internet??

Find out below what YOU can do about it !"

If you're reading this, that means you have lost money on the internet just as I had before.

I've spent thousands of dollars joining different programs and have spent hours every day to promote these programs and I'm sad to say all my effort and money are wasted.

Does this sounds like you ? Are you an active promoter but your referral aren't?

Well you're in luck because this is what Reality-Networkers all about.

Here at Reality-Networkers, we're not a group of internet gurus. We're just a group of beginner/intermediate network marketers trying to earn some money online.

Instead of following the instructions written by some guru many years ago, here, we share our experiences and support each other on a regular basis.

You don't have go to around testing out different marketing methods/tools/strategies. Reality-Networkers has a group of networkers ready to do all the experimenting for you.

So instead of losing so much time and money testing, all you have to do now is sit back and relax and every month you'll be given a report to see exactly what works and what doesn't!

Already, over 230,000 people have joined us in as little as 1 year and thousands of them are making an enormous amount of money every single day.

Join me and you have a team ready to help you every step of the way....

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