Friday, March 16, 2007

Update on Program : Please-invest.com

Fellow investors:

FYI.. for those of you that is following this thread, here's an update from this paying program today 16 March 2007 (sg time):

End of free investment program
Over the past 2 months Please Invest has grown substantially. The current member count at Please Invest currently sits at 9800. Once we hit 10000 members we will be discontinuing the free investment system. Those who have already claimed their free investments will evidently keep them, however new accounts will no longer receive a free $2.50 bonus upon their first investment. If you are member who refers others to the program, please remember to update any promotions that you have to reflect this change. A reminder for those who have already claimed a free investment, the $2.50 will be unlocked in your account 60 days after you made your first deposit.

So if you are still interested, now is the time to act. Please see here for my previous blog on this and join me :)

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  1. <a href="users2.titanichost.com/amalopra" rel="nofollow">JohnBraun</a>November 5, 2007 at 1:40 AM

    3Q0xvI write more, thanks.


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