Friday, March 16, 2007

Paid Survey

Let us shift our attention a bit from all this free traffic, paidtoclick, paidtoread..hyip and lyip thingy and concentrate on some survey money making..heheh

I've joined a few (in denial i think) free to join survey program. Mind you, I don't think we need to pay to get our opinion heard. It should be the other way round, don't you agree??

Anyway.. I've updated my profile with some of these companies recently and whaddaya know.. I got offered some survey to participate in.. the beautiful thing.. they pay instantly into your acct.. although there is that minimum payout thing:

  1. Ciao Survey

    This one really mean it.. it is for international participation. In fact upon sign-up you'll noticed this immediately. It pays by paypal with minimum $5 payout. Each referal gets you $0.50 once they do their first survey. Each survey you do has a payout of upto $5!

  2. Yoursay.com

    I've joined this a couple of months ago, did some survey for cash, and got it straight to my bank account. So I thought, I'll share the info with you guys..

Those are the two for now.. good luck!

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