Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Immediate Payout to your EGold

Here's another great investment I found. It's called GoldShareClub. Upon signing up you are given $5.00 with your initial investment of $1 only! Immediately you are able to withdraw $0.50 into your e-gold account. And the best thing is even after withdrawing $0.50 my account balance still sit at $6.00! ($5 signup bonus and $1 from my initial investment).. You are welcome to join me. For some reason, i can't login into my shareapic account so I can't offer you any screenshot of my egold account to show you the return of my $0.50.. will do so ASAP when I can login into my shareapic account.. In the meantime, please take a look at their Revenue Programs and Free Cash Bonuses they are offering:

Just a quick note to everyone before joining this program. I've have not been receiving my payout from this program although I have requested this for the 3rd time.. so this might be one for the scam list as well.. I have written to the admin of the program and will update you ASAP on progress

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