Friday, March 9, 2007

Generate Income From Your Blog

How about generating income from your blog or website?? Sounds good??

Well at Blogvertise.com, once your blog is approved, you'll be given task that basically asked you to write something on your blog with regards to the subject that they will assign you with. Don't worry it's not rocket science kind of thing.. in fact you can probably finish one task in 10 minutes.. And you can even reject the task if you feel it is not appropriate for your blog or website.. I've done 4 task for them so far and have $19 that is awaiting payout at the end of the month..

No referral here unfortunately unless you are an advertiser. So when you click at that link, I won't get anything from them unless you register as an advertiser and actually advertise..lol.. otherwise just register as a blogger and submit your blog for approval..

This is a great way to earn from your blog.. so I thought I share it with you


  1. Guys,

    Join Paid To site

    Cashtodo.com pays instantly,
    and you don't even need a credit card.

    Please let us all know when you have your first payment ! (Y)

  2. Hi there webisfun..like your nick and it holds water too... err.. i already joined this program too but unfortunately for me though coz I registered under "other" in the country field, the offers that was offered to me was very limited. That being said,however, I really recommend it my visitors especially those staying in the States. So do join here and let's all make money :)


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