Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Ok people.. we all love freebies...

So as a token of good will and friendship, I've included in my blog, an area where you can easily find some. You can just go up there where my tabs are.. and it's in big capital letters....lol

Fortunately for a lot of my visitors who do live in the States, there's plenty of them for you, although I've only listed some for now.. as I want to see how interested you guys are... Unfortunately for my visitors who are not living in the States.. I'm scouring the web for them even as we speak..

Now you may wonder why I'm putting all these offers in my blog? What does ladyjava gets from all this offer?? Well one is of course I'm trying to attract more traffic..and secondly, here's the interesting part, for every signup, I get something from the actual provider of these offers.. HOW???!!!

One word... Clickbooth.

You guys can do it too...Just click on the banner ontop, sign up as a publisher with your blog or website... remember to give accurate details especially your phone number (coz they actually called me to verify my details!). Once approved, you'll get access to thousands, literally, of ads that you can place on your website or send as email. They even have PTC ads. Isn't that cool!

Anyway.. just a thought to generate income for your blog.. Good luck and have a fantastic week :)

PS: In the meantime, let me get some revenue, so please do sign up...LOL

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