Sunday, March 18, 2007

Easy Easy Easy... You got to do it!!

I just found the easiest way to get traffic to my website, to promote my best program, get cash, banner credit and convert credits to cash!

It's called Got Safelist.com . Basically what you do is you sign up. As a free member, you get one program that you choose to send email to their thousands of opt-in members to promote your favourite program, and one banner that will rotate along with other members' banners in the space provided in the top right corner of their site. As a paid member.. this number is limitless.. but I opted for the Free.. as always....LOL..

This is basically an opt-in email kind of thing so you WILL receive plenty of email so be prepared for it by using another email address perhaps?? Anyway you would want to receive these emails because when you click on the link, you will either receive more banner credits (so your banner would stay up there longer), credits that can be exchanged for cash or cold hard cash itself!!.. Cash will be paid out via paypal and minimum payout is $50.00

So what are you waiting for.. join me today!

PS: Referral would naturally earn me credits as well :)

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