Friday, March 2, 2007

Earn Website Advertising Income

DClickads - Internet Advertising Service

I found this website today that is a great advertising meeting point for advertiser (buying ad-space) and webmasters (publisher of websites). It's called DClickads and it creates an opportunity for webmasters to designate ad space for advertisers to promote their goods and services.

For the Webmasters:
You determine your own advertising pricing per week, per month or at per click rates. Since you also determine the amount and interval, you still have total control of your websites ads.

For the Advertisers
You get to advertise at already popular and well known websites that offers a spot to place your ads. You get greater coverage for your products and services.

DClickads system is straightforward and easy. The great thing is it also handles all of the payment processing between buyer(advertiser) and seller(webmaster). No headache on both sides.

For a win-win situation - It has to be at DClickads!. Click on the banner and join me :)

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  1. Thanks Ladyjava for this info.
    God is with you.


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