Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ClixSense.com and StormPay.com

Here's two more pay to click site.. plenty of them daily. Similar concept. In fact I think same owner perhaps?? Payout for ClixSense is by cheque with minimum payment of $10. Your commissions are instantly deposited into your StormPay account as they are earned and you can withdraw anytime via cheque.

Join here for ClixSense and Stormpay.

Oh btw.. Stormpay is also a payment processor and even has auction options, so two in one :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ok.. really got to share this site with you.. it's called hashbush.com. I just joined myself but the site looks full of potential to earn. Your earnings are calculated based on your Activity Points.

You will earn Activity points for the following contributions:

  1. Invite your friends (100 points just for that!!)
  2. Submit pics to your personal gallery
  3. Make a new quiz, with 10 questions you can have other members answer
  4. Write about anything in your personal blog
  5. Create a new poll about anything you want
  6. Forum Posting
  7. Post a Bulletin
  8. For Playing Games in Arcade
  9. Scrapping too..
You name it.. they have it and pay you for it. Isn't life wonderful :)

How do I get Paid?

Get paid anytime with minimum account balance of your choice and carry forward of unpaid amounts.There is no minimum amount to be earned before getting paid or no need for you to wait for the month end to get paid.Withdraw your money whenever you need,wether it is 1$ or 100$,you can withdraw at your wish once HB Admin/staff has approved your earnings.
You can send message to the admin,when you want to withdraw your earnings.
All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal depending on the country you reside in.

See you there

Share.. Share.... Share....

Here's a novel idea... share pictures that you want the whole world to see. Want to share a video you like at YouTube or MySpace with a friend... load it all at these two places... and Get This.... You'll be paid.. and since they let you put your Google-adsense id as well, you'll be paid there too!!


I have joined this for a few weeks but never really explored all that the program got to offer until today.

How is it different?

  • $0.20 CPM for unique hits
  • Multiple paid to promote pages
  • Your hits are processed every 2 weeks
  • You earn banner credits when promoting!
  • Informative stats about your promoting activities

  • And plenty of PTC available daily! Payout is by paypal at $0.05.

    Join me today!
    Payout Proof


    Oopss. I spoke to soon. I've let myself be pulled into another LYIP. Here's a new one that I found. When you sign up, you upgrade $0.25, and they will give you $2.50. Now if you are like me and very impatient to get back your investment, you top up $1.00 instead of $0.25. After you top up, immediately do a withdrawal of $1.00. Just leave the $2.50 bonus (which you can't withdraw anyway till 60 days) to earn interest. Minimal withdrawal is $1.00.

    Am very new at this program so still testing it out. Once I get my profit.. i will post some screenshot..but i already got my money back in e-gold.

    Come and join me here if you are interested

    Low Yield Investment Plan


    Oh there is another LYIP that I have an account with. However, I have not paid a cent yet. What happens is when you joined them - only for a limited time - they would deposit $25 into your account. Now this will generate returns daily for 2 years but you will not be able to withdraw until you put in a investment of $30.

    What I am doing now, is just letting the ROI runs till I reach that amount and probably I would put in the necessary funds to bring out my profit.

    It seems that some people I've been talking to over at MMG (moneymakergroup.com), have put in the initial deposit of $30 and are withdrawing returns already.. but I'm going to wait..

    If you like to join me... click here

    Love Blogging? Get Paid for it

    Do you love blogging?? Why not get paid for it?? Visit my website here and use the signup button at the top of the page... Blog and get paid?? What a great idea ;)

    Get Traffic to your Website

    This is a great site where you can just place a code on your website to earn credits like you see at the right column of this page. But even if you not have a website they have a great tool which is called the "Floating Code". You can use that on any website you wanted to promote. Just fill in the website you wanted to promote in adsvert.com and you get a code which you then have to put on your website. Click on the banner and start generating traffic for your own website.

    Need a place to discuss??

    How about a place that pays you to do it??

    I just found the perfect place to start and participate in discussions. Best still, the site pays you to do it! Now where else can you find that if not in the internet world right?
    MyLot just does that I've already made $11.25 here. I am waiting for payout the end of the month via paypal. I've got 4 referral here who are totally enjoying their stay... am guilty for their addiction..lol


    In this day and age, we are really spoilt for choices. Where before we only have Yahoo.com to search for stuff on the net, Google came into picture to make life more interesting. Now SlashMySearch.com is not only here to liven the scene up, the program actually pays you to conduct your searches for anything and everything you need. Plus there is three levels of downline that you earn from as well!

    A little tip to blow up your earnings is instead of just typing the addresses at the URL box, you open your unique slashmysearch.com webpage, do a search from there and click on the result! That's $0.02 a click. Do it even when you want to go to Google.com!

    Interesting eh? Join me here and let's search to our heart's content :-)

    Free $$

    This one is a MUST CLICK. One deposit to one e-Gold account.

    1. Robo-Gold.com

    and see if you are lucky enough to catch some free e-Gold today!
    1. E-Golded.com
    2. Instant-e-Gold.com
    3. Adxpert.biz

    My Scam List

    1. ManFundGold.com
    2. SciendInvest.com
    3. Surf-capital.net
    4. WealthInsuredGroup.com

    Thursday, February 1, 2007

    Organise your information with TreePad

    I found this fantastic little program called treepad. It works like a little notepad and it looks like a little windows explorer. Perfect to keep in your thumbdrive. Need no installation. As along as you have the little .exe file in your pc or thumbdrive the file works perfectly.

    I recommend it strongly for everyone that wants to organise your data.

    You can download the free software here


    Autosurf for Free Traffic

    This one is fully automated, you just leave the page running. If you are a free member you can surf maximum 7 pages. Here's the link to join :)

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